Detailed Dosing for Pediatric Patients

Body Surface Area (mg/m2) based dosing calculations

Initiate treatment with 30 mg/m² three times a day (90 mg/m² total daily dose) in patients with normal renal function, subsequently titrating to a maximum of 60 mg/m² three times a day, if clinically indicated and the patient tolerates the higher doses.
  • Ensure frequent monitoring of the QTc interval and heart rate. Sotalol IV should be used with particular caution if the QTc is greater than 500 ms on therapy. Reduce the dose or discontinue treatment if QTc is greater than 550 ms.
  • Use of Sotalol IV in any age group with decreased renal function should be at lower doses or at increased intervals between doses

 † For patients <2 years of age, Sotalol IV dose should be reduced by a factor that depends on age.
†† Sotalol is 90-100% bioavailable. The corresponding dose of intravenous sotalol is, therefore, slightly less than that of the oral dose.

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